Jabbering Skull

Just a technicality

Hello, all. Lovely forum you've got here.

Honestly, little would make me happier than being able to decide whether I'm a part of your 12 percent, or among the 88.

But, in order for me to make my decision as to whether god played a role in human evolution, I'm going to need a definition of the word "god".

Keep in mind I've not been a christian for longer than an hour, before I realized the magic wasn't working, and I'll never join the ranks of a religious group for any reason other than research.

But I am no atheist or materialist, either, feeling that an over-emphasis on the tangible is preventing the countless splintered fractions of science from arriving at a unified theory.

I feel that both extremes have flaws, and that a moderate path promises to yield the most accurate ideas.

So, any takers? Are we going to settle on a definition of god?

How about "omnipotent, omniscient, omnibenevolent" for starters? Doesn't that sum up the Judeo-christio-islamo ideology?

That seems like a good place to start.

Thank you very much.